Strategy Consulting

We deliver your brand positioning. We define a strategic target audience. We base our recommendations on solid market research and benchmarking. We create customer insights with an in-depth understanding of human behaviour. We are a limbic licensed partner and are able to use the best neuromarketing and behavioural psychology has to offer to explain purchase decisions. We know what makes people tick: irrationality and emotions. Therefore, we work with the latest findings of behavioral economics.

Strategy Implementation

“It sounds great, but how do we do it?” That is the most common follow-up question to strategic consulting. We stay with you and support your strategy implementation. We drive and manage the necessary change. We align your organisation to your strategy. We make it applicable for product, service, and communication design with recommendation you can start using immediately. Together with you, we will find the processes that deliver operational excellence. And fun.

Digital Transformation

We believe that three success factors deliver growth in the digital era of constant change: radical customer centricity, data-driven decision making and innovation management. We identify the challenges, and deliver solutions for your business to meet these new requirements. How can what you learned from your data today deliver customer value tomorrow?

Marketing Transformation

Marketing technology has moved classical mass marketing to mass-personalised inbound marketing with “automated omni-channel experiences”. We guide you through the marketing bullshit bingo. We consult you to identify the tools and processes you need to deliver growth in the intersection of marketing and technology.


Florian Disson

Strategy Consulting and Change Management


Felix Disson

Strategy Director

“I've worked with levelup in a very fact driven marketing context, and it's amazing to see how they utilize fact, knowledge and understanding about human behaviour into actions that drives growth. This set of skills is of great value for any company who wants a more empirical approach to marketing and business development.”

Frederik, CEO at Reflect

“levelup can help you frame strategic questions and create attractive selling packages for your organization, boosting their implementation time with a lot.”

Andreas, CEO and Plant Manager at Optinova Ab

“Get levelup for forward thinking and relevant action towards what is good for business.”

Taneli, Strategic Planner at Paf

“Florian Disson is a driven change manager with experience from different business areas in an international environment. If you as a leader need help to set new goals for your team, or need to change your ways of working Florian is a skillful consultant with a coaching approach.”

Harriet, Head of Customer Support at Paf

“I truly admire their knowledge and passion around operational excellence in sales and marketing. Florian has the amazing skill to be ahead of time, what he talks today is something others will talk tomorrow. This gives highly appreciated time to implement things for the organisation. “If you and your organisation has decided to be a leader instead of a follower Florian is the man to talk with.“

Sami, Head of Digital Channels Development at Paf

“From my view as a technician levelup was one of the unique marketing guys that understands technical implications and at the same time can make developers understand the business needs. Florian was able to challenge us and make us improve our solutions from a very creative point and he was definitely a big asset for the company to bridge the gap between tech and business, using both his domain knowledge and his social skills as well.”

Victor, Senior QA Engineer at Paf

“Florian is one of a kind. He has got an amazing skill to drill down complex problems into easy to digest building blocks as the solution. His clear and inspiring communication around the solution creates an individual motivation that gets everyone wanting to contribute. He knows theory by heart and has always a fun and engaging way of presenting it.”

Johan, Entrepreneur in Stockholm

“levelup has helped us to transform our entire marketing, strategically and operationally, with excellent results for us.”

Nicoline, Managing Director at RULEO Alpenland GmbH
Gruppe Nymphenburg

Gruppe Nymphenburg